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As best you can, list the songs on the album from your most favorite to least favorite.

01) Then I Woke Up
02) Dreams
03) Emotional
04) Cardboard Castles
05) Go On and Cry
06) Blue Skies
07) Don't Cry Out Loud
08) All I Never Wanted
09) Difference in Me
10) Till You Want Me
11) Dream, Dream, Dream
12) Boy Like You

Favorite lyric Check me out (I LOVE when she sings that!) and Thank you for Blue Skies; When my head is down you remind me to look up

Worst lyric Hm, hate is such a harsh word. Besides, I like all the songs. Congrats to Diana on her debut CD. :)

Sexiest lyric I want you til you want me

Favorite song to sing along with Then I Woke Up & Dreams

Song you most want a video for I think Cardboard Castles would make for a really cool video.

Favorite non-vocal musical moment When she got excited for gaining Simon's respect... whoa, yay!

Are there any songs you just don't like at all? Nah, I like them all. She's a talented girl and it's a really good debut. Kudos to Diana! She's actually one of the main reasons why I tuned into AI every week (I never watched previous seasons, though I should've since it's a great show!)

Do you like Blue Skies as the title track or would you have preferred it was self titled? I do, actually. She explained why it was the title on Live with Regis and Kelly and it makes sense.

How annoyed with her thank yous are you? Come on, tell the truth. Hey, it's her first album and she can do whatever she wants. I thought it was cute...she's very thankful, so what! :o)

If you could trade any song for a studio recording of one song she did on AI, which would you want and what would you give up? I absolutely LOVED her rendition of "No More Tears (Enough is Enough)"...I guess I'd trade Boy Like You, perhaps. I don't know but she really should've added No More Tears!!

If you had to choose between either Kelly Clarkson or John Stevens, who would you rather Diana tour with? Though I adore Kelly, and they do have similar music styles, I'd love to see her do a concert with her buddy John Stevens. He's so cute and I think it would be great!

Ok, that's all folks. Comments welcome. ;-)
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