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Hey I always meant to post in this community.

When I was little I use to live in Snellville, GA. Then I moved to Michigan when I was like 10.

I lived next door to Diana and her family for 10 years and my mom is really good friends with Brenda (Diana's mom).

My family went to Florida for my winter break, 2 years ago, and we usually stop by and visit her family. And when we did, Diana wasn't there and her mom said she was trying out for American Idol. So I was like "aww thats soo cool."

Week by week, when she was still in the final shows, I was in shock she was doing so well, and I couldn't believe it.

NOW look where she is at! I am really proud of her, and I might visit them in the summer.

And I will try to keep you all updated on Diana and what she is up to.
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