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she's building castles in the sky..

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It's Diana as a cartoon! Cute, isn't it?

Welcome...to a community for American Idol 3 finalist/contestant, Diana
DeGarmo! This community is meant to be friendly, nice and all-around
welcoming. Now read the do's and donts, please.


→1. You're welcome to post results from American Idol 5 here only if you put them under an lj-cut. Everyone here who is from the West Coast, I guarantee, does not want to be spoiled.
→2. You can post pictures, quizzes, and graphics of Diana - just put them under an lj-cut. People with dial-up will want to hit you if you don't follow this (I'm one of them).
→3. Posting anything else related to Diana.


→1. Do not even try bashing Diana or the other contestants. If you do, the post will just be deleted without a second thought. So, think before you post.
→2. If you have to argue/debate/whateveryouwanttocallit, at least have some respect. You have your opinion and so does the other person; opinions are different for everyone.
→3. Anything else that is idiotic/dumb/moronic/etc.

Diana's voting message on 5/25/04: Hey y'all! Thanks for voting for me! Diana! Watch American Idol tomorrow on Fox sponsored in part by AT&T Wireless.


Want to be affiliates? Just ask! If you're just a user you can link this community, too, if you want. You're welcome to ask me if you need the code to post the buttons in your userinfo, or community info; I'll give it to you. Here are the buttons: